Market Analysis To Increase Your Business

Your focus should be on your areas of expertise, your company and your products. When you need help with your market analysis, we are there for you.

The analyses we do for our clients span from short specific one-pagers to full scale retainer based report systems. Contact us to go through your needs and fill the gaps you might have to improve your business.

For our clients we also serve as a strategic partner and help navigate businesses by bringing the competitive advantage that comes through knowing more than the competition. A fair warning though, we are not yes-men. We will challenge you and your business and sometimes play the devils advocate. We do this because we believe  challenging is one of the best ways to improve businesses

Product Monitoring

Keeping track on the performance and of your products and your competition has never been more important. The high competition and the short evaluation periods makes it crucial to have full control on a weekly basis.

We have created a way of working with some of our clients which keeps them on top of their portfolio at all times

Portfolio and Market Analysis

Once in a while you need to go through your portfolio to avoid your brands being marketed in a silo way cannibalizing on each other and not being where the consumers are.

To many product launches are producer driven instead of being consumer driven which often results in very costly and less successful product launches. We want to change that and help you create a consumer driven NPD launch plan with higher probabilities of success

We go through your portfolio and then visualize it, mapping it against current market trends. This gives you a very good picture on where you are and where you could or should be. Together we then decide on which opportunities or risks you should focus on. To get the most out of this we then run a workshop with your marketing team presenting status and opportunities. These work shops are usually very creative and often lead to a lot of new ideas and projects to increase your business

Market Data Based Pricing Analysis

Running a BPTO research is usually very expensive and only for the biggest brands in the most critical situations

We have developed a model to help you understand what could be the expected reaction on a price change taking both segment as well as distribution into consideration

This is a very useful tool at tax increases where we can go through your full portfolio of fixed listings to give you the insights foundation you need to make the right pricing decisions

Brand "Origin"

We do a full analysis on a specific origin or region to understand the drivers of performance, success and fail. This include among others sales data analysis, consumer research as well as interviews with stakeholders and influencers.

The purpose of the analysis is to give you a deep understanding on all the drivers that have effect on the performance of the specific origin so you can plan your strategy