Happy Anniversary!

The first circle is now complete so and we are celebrating a 1 year anniversary!

Almost 2 years ago after a meeting with Survey Sampling International in Stockholm the idea of a new level of insights platform for the Swedish wine market came to life. A platform which is following the seasons, asking wine consumers relevant questions depending on the time of year to create true insights. Thanks to all of our clients and customers Vinbarometern is now celebrating 1 full year and is a well recognized insights platform throughout the Swedish wine industry.

  • Over 4.000 interviews with wine consumers are made asking about their behaviour and attitudes.
  • Over 20 brand researches has been conducted with special deep dives in varietals and origins.
  • Many, many presentations and work-shops.

Now as the next round starts we enter a new chapter where we can dig even deeper into the seasons, segments and categories being able to compare to last year. The insights gets deeper and we hope to continue to bring value to our customers!

Sales Analysis

An upside of the Swedish monopoly is that all the off-trade sales are not only gathered but available. We can process and analyse every article sold from the monopoly stores on a monthly basis and do break-downs into almost any sub-segment desired

Consumer Insights

Sales analysis only give you part of the story. To truly be able to adapt your marketing strategy you need to understand the consumer. We conduct primary consumer research with wine consumers to really understand what is happening on the marketplace together with our panel partner Survey Samling International


Vinbarometern  is combining sales data with primary consumer research.  This enables a report that is unmatched on the Swedish market.

We move from
The Sparkling segment of 80-119 SEK is growing
The growth of the Sparkling segment of 80-99 SEK is driven by middle-aged females  moving from Rosé to Sparkling, specially during the summertime. To capture these switching consumers, ecology and brand recognition seem to have the highest impact as more than half of the group decides on what to by in store.”

Vinbarometern helps you sharpen your marketing strategy so you can communicate the right product with the right message to the right consumers

To this we can also ad the media consumption to help you sharpen your advertising strategy

A Set of Reports

Vinbarometern is a set of reports designed to follow the seasons and the consumers over the year. As the evaluation periods for the Swedish Monopoly follows the same periods, the report will fit perfectly into your planning.

Apart from year-round generic tracking and analysis the report has a different focus for every season. There are reports available on the market describing consumer behaviour for Rosé wine in February. We believe that to be able to understand the behaviour of the season and the consumer, the research and analysis must be from that same period.

  • The Summer Report – Focus on the months of Jun-Aug and has an extra focus on Rosé and Sparkling wine
  • The Autumn Report – Focus on the months of Sep-Nov and has an extra focus on Red wine
  • The Winter Report – Focus on the months of Dec-Feb and has an extra focus on the holidays, gift packaging and Sparkling wine
  • The Spring Report – Focus on the months of Mar-May and has an extra focus on Easter and White wine


All the reports are based on both sales and primary consumer research to provide all the insights you as an importer or producer need to be on top of your business.

*Coresights Consulting assumes that the purchaser of the report already has access to relevant  data files from Systembolaget